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As I Choose My Thoughts, I Choose My Life

Updated: Apr 15

I talk a lot about the importance of a positive mindset. If you’re looking to improve your skin health, or any other aspect of your physical or mental health, working on your mindset is crucial. This aspect is usually overlooked by mainstream medicine, but the truth is that the stress created by a negative mindset actually has a huge impact on our health. Negative thinking can also prevent us from creating healthier habits.

Unfortunately, many of us didn’t grow up with a positive mindset. When we were kids, most of us were taught to think about what might go wrong, and to focus on the ways we fall short. In most cases, our parents and teachers were just doing the best they could with what they knew. But these negative beliefs can have a huge impact on our lives as adults.

Most people relate to their thoughts like they relate to the weather. Thoughts are something that just happen to you, something that you can’t control. Many of my clients believe that they can change their actions, but their thoughts are something that they just have to live with.

Your thoughts are within your control

The truth is actually very different. You actually do have control over your thoughts. In fact, I’ve changed my entire life by changing the thoughts that I have on a daily basis. You can do this too.

It’s not an instant process. I think this is why so many people struggle to believe that they can control their thoughts at all. Once you decide to make a change in your mindset, there will be a gradual process of replacing your negative habitual thoughts with more positive ones. At first, you’ll continue to notice your old negative thoughts continuing to surface often, and it might feel like your efforts aren’t really working.

However, over time, you’ll find that the positive thoughts you’re cultivating are occurring more and more often. They’ll slowly become more automatic. Eventually, most of your habitual thoughts will be positive, with your old negative thoughts surfacing only rarely.

We talk a lot about mindset inside Mind Gut Skin Academy, and I offer a number of tools to help you work on shifting towards more positive thinking. One of the simplest tools is to question the assumptions behind your negative thoughts. Often, the negative beliefs we carry aren’t even based in reality. By examining these beliefs, you can create new ones that are both more positive and more realistic. This is known as the ABCDEF method, and I shared more details about it in this post.

Your thoughts create your life

Not only can you control your thoughts, but you need to control your thoughts if you want to change your life.

For one thing, your thoughts can either create more stress in your life, or create more ease. If you’re constantly bombarded by negative thoughts, then you’ll be stressed all the time. That’s absolutely not good for your health. Shifting towards a more positive mindset will help to get rid of this extra stress.

Beyond that, your thoughts directly lead to your actions. When you’re mired in negative thinking, you’re less likely to make healthy choices about things like nutrition, exercise, sleep, and relationships. Once your thoughts become more positive, you’ll find it much easier to make healthier choices. So if you’re trying to shift your lifestyle towards one that better supports your skin health – and your overall health – it’s essential that you shift towards a more positive mindset.

I will sometimes remind myself of this by repeating, “As I choose my thoughts, I choose my life.”

It’s really true. When you choose to make shifting your mindset a priority, your whole life will shift as a result. If you’d like some support in doing this, I invite you to join the group inside Mind Gut Skin Academy. This is my signature membership program, and it includes all of the best tools I’ve gathered for shifting towards a more positive mindset. You’ll also have support from a community of other skin warriors who are working towards a healthier life, which can be incredibly valuable in helping you to stay motivated and committed.

The brand-new version of the program will open for registration soon. You can head here to learn more, or to get on the waitlist.

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